Alissi Bronte in the Dubai Mall. Alissi Brontë always in continuous expansion a few months ago, opened a shop in the largest and most visited shopping center in the world, the Dubai Mall, in the capital of the Arab Emirates, by the hand of Rashad Al Moosa , owner of the company Gulfdrug.

Located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, with a value of 20 billion dollars.

Alissi Bronte in the Dubai Mall, the largest shopping center in the world

It has 6 floors of commercial area and 10 car parks, including a luxurious medical center, an ice hockey rink, an aquarium / aquatic zoo, a flight simulator, a replica of a scale dinosaur and two amusement parks.

The shopping center of Dubai Mall received more than 37 million visitors in 2009, and attracted more than 750,000 visitors per week. In 2012, the Dubai Mall continued holding the title as the most visited destination for shopping and entertainment in the world, and attracted more than 65 million visitors, more visitors than the cities of de New York  and Los Angeles . 

It is for us a luxury to be able to share with our many people who visit the mall our products of high natural cosmetics.