Hyaluronic Acid is a natural element that our body produces. It is a polysaccharide that is found in the dermal matrix and provides flexibility, hydration and tone. Its main function is to retain water, adding volume to the skin.

Over the years, this substance, which is part of collagen, begins to decrease its levels, giving way to the appearance of the first signs of age and the dreaded wrinkles.

Because Hyaluronic Acid retains the water in our skin, it has a filling effect “filler” that makes us have a more muddy face. As the years go by, we lose the ability to regenerate that hyaluronic acid and the lines of dark circles or wrinkles begin to cause. This can be accentuated in the coldest months of the year, when our skin demands extra reinforcement in dry environments and maintaining moisture in our epidermis.

Hyaluronic Acid can be applied in deep layers of the skin, with an immediate and temporary effect, thanks to injectable treatments.

If you are not seduced by the idea of ​​injectables every certain period of time, there are also cream solutions, or serum, to apply on the face.

>> Discover PURISSIMO, by Alissi Bronte<<

PURISSIMO Ácido Hialurónico de Alissi Bronte
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PURISSIMO, by Alissi Bronte,  is a Hyaluronic Acid in serum of vegetable origin. It is obtained through a controlled fermentation process of selected raw materials, with high quality parameters and without being genetically modified. So its use is valid for all skin types, including sensitive skin, and its tolerance for the skin is greater.

The concentration of our formula is 93% in a dilute solution, with a specific molecular size profile; these sizes make the effects on the skin after use immediate and long-term.

PURISSIMO Hyaluronic Acid from Alissi Bronte

High molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid provides great hydration instantly in the superficial layers of the skin, with an instantly visible effect; In addition to a drastic reduction in transepidermal water loss, which helps to improve the texture and elasticity of the skin, also providing a barrier effect against external aggressions. The long-term effect is given thanks to the very low molecular weight hyaluronic acid that penetrates the deepest layers, hydrating and restoring the dermis from within.

PURISSIMO improves the texture of the skin, minimizing the pore and slowing down aging, stimulating the production of collagen and natural hyaluronic acid in our skin.

PURISSIMO Ácido Hialurónico de Alissi Bronte
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Use it daily, in the morning, after cleansing the skin and before your sunscreen. You will get a more hydrated skin and an instant wrinkle filling effect. In addition, your skin will look juicier and makeup will last longer.

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