Dluxe Dna Wrinkle Look Reduced 8 Pcs X 5Ml.


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This biological extract contains among its active ingredients:

>MARINE DNA, among its properties:

- High quality moisturizer (it is able to absorb 10,000 times its volume of water)

- Anti-oxidant properties.

- Stimulates our body collagen production.

- Protection against harmful and toxic agents from the atmosphere.

>Caviar: A powerful ingredient containing proteins, fats, sugars, vitamins and mineral salts.

>Wheat Protein: has tensile and filmogenic properties. Skin becomes more radiant.It is also an excellent component against skin flaccidity.

>Soluble Collagen is an efficient moisturizing agent from which we obtain a high firming effect contributing to cells elastic properties, with identical flexibility to young natural proteins.

> Glycoproteins (Glycosaminoglycans): Restore elastic properties as well as skin recovery capacity . Diminishing cutaneous ruggedness,increasing skin hydration and restoring dermal tissue elastic characteristics.

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