The prestige of the High Quality Natural Scientific Cosmetics with Natural, Organic and Ecological ingredients.

Why use the high natural cosmetic products of Alissi Brontë?

  • * A Natural cosmetic, brand with Natural ingredients, more effective and with long lasting effects on the skin.
  • * Our certified Laboratory researches the most advanced techniques to obtain the ingredients, from Nature, to provide great benefits to the skin.
  • * More than 35 years of experience.
  • * The extraordinary Quality and our respect for the Environment have been proven and certified on an International level:
            -  ISO 9001, SGS, Nº ES 07/4519.01
              -  ISO 14001, SGS, Nº ES 08/5418.01
  • * The Ecological Organic Plantations also certified (C.A.E., Nº MU-2621/P).
  • * Good Manufacturing Practices certified (ISO 22716, SGS, Nº ES 12/13123.01).
  • * The plant extracts and essential oils we use, helps cell regeneration and rejuvenate the skin.
  • * We have a complete professional range of protocols, treatments and rituals.

If you seek Cosmetics… 0% …

  • * 0% Mineral Oils
  • * 0% Paraffins,Parabens, Radiation
  • * 0% Formol releasing preservatives
  • * 0% Testing on animals
  • * 0% PABA (Para-amino-benzoic Acid)
  • * 0% GMOs (Genetically modified organisms)

& With …

  • * Natural Sugars
  • * Floral Waters
  • * Pure Essential Oils
  • * Ecological Medicinal Plants
  • * Protective and self-regulating effects on the skin
  • * Visible and lasting rejuvenating effects
  • * Certified Quality
  • * Certified Respect for the Environment
  • * Certified Organic Farming
  • * Certified R&D
  • * Bioactive products which provide beauty
  • * Health and Wellbeing

Your brand is Alissi Brontë... For your health... For your beauty... For the planet...

Cosmetic research laboratorios

Alissi Bronte's laboratories are characterized by a continuous process of research and development of the most advanced scientific cosmetics.
They have knowledge of the most effective raw materials in our fertile land, which is known for its natural resources:

The Orchard of Murcia, also known as "The Orchard of Europe", is famous for its wine, rice, olive oil, lemons, fruit, vegetables and essential oils, among others. This is mainly due to the microclimate: in the counties close to the coast with a warm climate, at medium-altitude hinterland with a continental climate and in the mountain ranges with forests and aromatic plants.


The Mediterranean Sea and the especial Mar Menor, an inland sea which has a large concentration of marine ingredients, salts, algae and mud, with extraordinary properties. There is a tradition here of hot springs and spas.

All production processes and raw materials used are subject to the most stringent quality controls.


Alissi Brontë has laboratories approved by the Ministry of Health and by the Spanish Agency of Medicines and Health Products for Cosmetic and Beauty Products, and for Health Products.
We have developed the most advanced systems for the fulfillment of the most exacting technical and health regulations worldwide, in accordance with European regulations, FDA,GOST-R, etc.
Alissi Brontë is certified in ISO 9001 Quality Management for the Design, Manufacture and Marketing of Cosmetic Products.
Alissi Brontë is certified in Good Manufacturing Practices Certificate ISO 22716.

Alissi Brontë collaborates with the University of Murcia and its renowned Departments of Dermatology, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, developing advanced studies and scientifically efficacy testing.


All this guarantees for the professionals who use our Cosmetic and Make-up products and provides the definitive solution for their customers. This is because for over 35 years Alissi Brontë has listened and responded to the beauty problems of thousands of women around the world.